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Does Content Over 2000 Words Have Better Rankings In The Search Results
September 20, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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Does Content Over 2000 Words Rank Better – The Results

Here we will review the results of the 2000 word content experiment. When the experiment started it was no more than an answer on Quora. With such an open ended question, as there were no parameters such as what the niche was, did the website have ranking for similar content or the power of the domain.

1 Hour After Posting There Are Results

The content began to rank in 57 minutes on Google. This was with personalized search (I was logged into Google in the Chrome browser).

google ranking term in less than 1 hour

3 Hours After Posting There Are Results

Since I saw rankings appear in only 57 minutes with Chrome and being logged in, I used Mozilla, non-personalized (not signed in) and ran the keyword phrase  “content over 2000 words better rankings” we are officially in Position #7 on Page 1 of Google

2000 Word Content Experiment After 3 Hours Results


12 Hours After Posting There Are Results

It’s now a mere 12 hours since creating the 2000 word experiment document and we are seeing solid rankings. Just out of curiosity I thought I would see if there was any love (ranking) on Bing. Many people say it is difficult to get their site ranked on Bing, and in the past I would agree. But here we are just 12 hours after the test began and Bing is showing the search results as #1, Page 1 on Bing.

Content experiment 12 hours bing result


Now let’s take a look at Google and see where we are positioned. SHOCKED – The results page (this page) is also ranked on page 1. So the main article has achieved a Page 1 position and is now ranking in position #5, and the results page is in position #6. If you look at the yellow box next to the search box, this is the MOZ browser toolbar telling us that the phrase “content over 2000 words better rankings” has a 61% Difficulty rating and this is with Google telling us they have About 3,010,000 results indexed for the term…… hmmm

content experiment 12-hours google

24 Hours After Posting Results

Bing and Google are still holding strong, they have not dropped in the serps yet I have seen no increase in rankings on either of the search engines, mind you its hard to go higher than the number one position.

48 Hours After Posting Results

Bing and Google are still holding strong, Bing is still Page 1 Position 1, and Google is still in positions 5 and 6.


4 Days On We Have Movement Upwards In The SERPS

Google has now moved up to position 3 for the main article and the results (this page) is now in position 4. Interestingly we have seen rapid uplifts on our other keywords on the site. Some of our primary keywords have moved from pages 2 and 3 and are now on page 1. Could this be a result of the experiment or our results driven seo services? We also noted the indexed universe of pages ranking for the term has gone from 3 million to over 15 million pages indexed. Could this be part of the index bug Google has been talking about?

2000 word experiment now position 3