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Q: I want to know how can I find a good SEO copywriter to write blog posts for a small business. I understand copywriters are expensive but a lot of small businesses can’t afford one.

A: SEO & Content Writing are two different skills. SEO services are not the same as writing for content.

A great writer may know nothing about SEO and an SEO is probably not a great writer.

What you probably need is a SEO to tell you (your writer) how to format the content you are needing.

You want only 1x H1 tag this will be your title on the page, this will also be your page title and most likely your url.

The first paragraph should within the first sentence include your key words or key phrase.

Within your content use keywords or phrases that would be in the LSI, for example: Washington State Red Beauty Apples

  • When to pick red beauty apples
  • Recipes for Washington Red Beauties
  • Where to buy Red Beauty Apples in Washington

The last paragraph and sentence should include your key words or key phrase.

Your images should have alt tags:

  • img 1 Washington State Red Beauty Apples on trees,
  • img 2: Basket of Washington State Red Beauty Apples
  • img 3: Red Beauty Apples

So there you go the basics of an SEO template how your writer should create the pages to be very seo friendly.

You will be amazed at how many people would be willing to write for you, an ad on craigs list, the local college, or try an online freelance site. Its just about getting systems in place and having your writers follow the template.


From a question on Quora: