SEO or Pay Per Click For Local Business
SEO or Pay Per Click For Local Business
November 10, 2014
Reduce The Cost Of Website Development in Miami
July 13, 2015

Many companies will try and tell you they do not off shore your seo work. They are either flat out stupid or lying to your face, either way as a customer you loose.

Offshore workers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh have one set of problems, while an other set of problems can face you when offshoring to the Philippines. We have all heard the horror stories of things going wrong when getting off shore workers to do a task. It is rare you will ever hear the positive benefits of offshoring.

The Good Things About Outsourcing SEO & Website Development

Positive benefits such as working staff 24 hours a day (3 shifts of employees) or saving upwards of 65% on labor costs. The most important thing that you need to consider when outsourcing is what the task is, is it a repeatable task, are their many variables to the task. If we look at a simple task such as creating social media accounts. If we look at new account creation for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin,  Instagram and Pinterest we know one thing.  Each account creation process will ask virtually the same questions.  Whether it is  are a domestic employee or an offshore employee they will always work from a set of data that was created by the project manager. If the office based project manager in the USA creates this task, and provides the data where can things go wrong?

The employee (offshore or onshore) are both working from the same document. They each know the url to go to to register a new account, they each have the details for the new accounts, they each only have to cut and paste the data. If we take into consideration that the same numbers are created each day what is the difference?  The onshore employee earns $200 for a days work and the offshore employee earns $60. This is a saving of $140 or 66%.

Repeatable task are great to offshore for many reasons. Greater value and cost savings to the customer. If a customer is paying $1,000 a month for search engine optimization with our Miami Fl, seo company, will they want to pay $3,000 for the same job? Now $3,000 is what things would cost if all the work was performed onshore, in our USA offices by USA staff. Let’s wave our flag and tell everyone how we just paid $2,000 more because we kept thing onshore.


The Horrors of Offshoring  SEO or Web Development

We have all heard of the horrors of offshore workers, budget over runs, staff not showing up online, work not getting done to a standard. The list of things that can go wrong when outsourcing can be huge. The key to outsource without the drama is to be an excellent project manager and be able to do what you have asked to be done. If you don’t know how to do the task you want done the changes are you will have a poor result.  If you know how to create social media accounts, can document the process, and supervise the task you will get a great result. On the other hand if you want a website built and don’t have a clue what fields go where, or process you need to run in the background you will probably have a bad experience.


Take Aways on Offshore SEO & Website Development.

Why Off-shore SEO or Web Development … simple save money and be more efficient. The key to outsourcing or offshoring is first to know exactly what you want done, detail the task so anyone with little knowledge can perform the task, pay the local rate or slightly more, be nice to your outsources, and never ask them to do something you cant.

Here at  {ego} seo services in Miami we are honest and upfront with our clients. YES! we will send your work off shore to our employees, in our offices. Our staff are carefully screened and most have two university degrees and work six days a week, and send money home to their parents. The other thing that is important for our  clients is that all work is QA offshore, then it is QA by the project manager here. We provide a high standard of service and generate the service at a lower cost these are things we have heard from our clients that they wanted, so we delivered.

If we make a mistake or there is a problem just pick up the phone and yell at Brad Averhill.