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July 13, 2015
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July 16, 2015
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What Do You Want From A New Website.

Creating or building a new website can be stress free and an enjoyable process or if done wrong be a total nightmare. With years of experience in building business websites there are a few things that most people don’t even consider when dealing with their website designer or developer.

As a Miami WordPress website developer and design company we get asked on a daily basis what is the best way to develop a new website for business. This question is like the proverbial “how long is a piece of string” but we have broken this question down into really three main points anyone should be thinking about before they begin their website design or redesign project.

Today with CMS (content management systems) like WordPressWordPress Website ,  the choice you have is somewhat unlimited, but we love WordPress and you should too. WordPress is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015, and more than 60 million websites world-wide.

What is the main purpose of your new website?

Is it only to have a presence on the internet so customers can learn more about your business, is it to generate sales leads, or is it an e-commerce site geared to sell products.

A website design project needs to address the issue of what will this website be used for. If you are looking to get your digital foot in the door and have a online presence there is really two options; Option #1 A Basic website or Option # 2 a Hybrid website.

If this is your first website, maybe you should take a hybrid approach like we are using here on our website. You are probably asking yourself what is hybird website design? It’s a site designed to do three things all fairly well and give you a solid framework to build your website from.

Let’s first look at the different types of websites you can have developed:

Basic Website Development

A Basic website is just that basic, it has a home page, contact page, privacy policy, terms and conditions page, and a few pages on the products or services the company offers. A basic website is a digital brochure for the company.

Today many modern designed website are using the one page design principle, this is where all of the content is on a single page and displayed in a very creative manner.

A Basic website design will always have a home or initial page, this page was once thought of as the first page a visitor will see, but in reality depending on your keywords it may not. For a search of a branded keyword such as “ego seo services” our website is the branded search and the first listing to be displayed on search engine results pages. Now if you were to search for “Top Miami Reputation Management Companies” this would be considered a general search or long tail keyword search.
With a basic website model – the home page is to rank for a primary keyword, and may also rank for two or three associated keyword terms or silo terms.

  • On your home-page we want to do several things:
    • Pleasing layout with images and graphics to attract the visitor.
    • Provide a method of contact by contact for and or telephone and email.
  • An About Us page is very important, your customer needs to get to know you and what your all about.
  • A section describing the products or services you are selling.
  • Last but not least a t&c page and privacy policy.

Enhanced Website Development

An enhanced website will include all of the features of a basic website plus:

  • Lead Generation Form & Landing Page – Create a call to action – this could be to join a mailing list, download a free report, or provide your contact details for a free quote, estimate or consultation. The visitor might also call you as your telephone number will be prominent on the page.
  • Optin Form to collect names and emails for a news letter or promotions
  • Display Social proof – twitter or facebook media stream or testimonials.

Hybird Website Development

A Hybird website is probably the best use of your new digital asset. It combines all of the features or the Enhanced Website model plus a small e-commerce section to sell products. Now it is important to note that when adding the e-commerce engine to a website you can sell 1 or 1,000 products or more, the only real difference is the sophistication of the ecommerce portion of the website.

e-Commerce Website

With an e-commerce website you really have quite a few options. There is the option to host your e-commerce store with a hosting provider such as media temple, Host Gator, Blue Host or use an online storefront.

There are pro and cons to both, the most important things you need to consider if you go down the slippery slope of hosting your store with an online provider is that development options are limited, many features you want will not be available and the cost can increase dramatically as you add more products. We like the self hosted option for most websites where you have less than 10,000 products to sell.

With a self-hosted store you have several options for developing an e-commerce website on, two of the most popular are WordPress using Woo-Commerce as the framework or Magento. Having developed e-commerce websites on both Magento and WordPress, our choice is WordPress.

There are again pros and cons to either e-commerce platform, the biggest decission maker for us is if something goes wrong with Magento and it will, you need a Magento expert, a php guru, a sql magician to fix it and get it back up and running. We have experienced problems with magento in the past and have lost entire Magento websites so we stay away from it as we are not experts in maintaing and running Magento.

On the other hand Woo-Commerce on WordPress is a complete breeze, most people with a little training use WordPress without any issues and after some fine tuning we make WordPress e-commerce websites load extremely fast, and do just want they are designed to do … SELL MORE STUFF!

With a woo commerce website there are also plugins and mods that can be added and installed to do a lot of the tasks for you, and this makes your development cost a lot lower. A WordPress + Woo Commerce framework website is affordable and fast to develop.

Having looked at most of the e-commerce platforms, experimented and built test sites we really like WordPress for online stores selling products of less than 10,000 items. Now if you sell more than 10,000 items we can point you in the direction of some specialist high end developers but expect to pay in excess of $50,000 to have a store built.


Scaling your website is an important consideration when developing a new website. In the past (late 90’s early 2000’s) sites were built using hand coded html and were slow to develop and build.

We like the WordPress platform for development of virtually all sites with the exclusion of some very high powered e-commerce sites (over 10,000 products).

WordPress is a database driven website written in php and can do virtually anything you can dream up. It is also easily managed, and adding new content by novices is as easy as a couple clicks, write your article or content, upload a photo and press publish… nothing gets any easier. The other benefit to WordPressis there are many plug-ins that add additional features and php developers are easy to find and typically have a lot of experience with WordPress.

Once you have decided on what type of website you need developed you should next look at your budget to see what you can realistically afford. Lets take a look at website design & development pricing.