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July 13, 2015
Mobile website design and development Miami FL
Miami WordPress Website Developer
July 16, 2015

Whether you’re in Miami, Denver, Chicago or San Diego every business what to get the highest quality website developed at the lowest possible cost.

Reducing your website development costs is actually quite easy and simple, plus it also helps the web development company deliver the website to you faster.

The 5 Steps of How To Reduce The Cost Of Website Development in Miami

#1 Get Organized

Probably the most important factor and least understood. If you as a client are not organized with all of your materials this will hold up the website building process. Get everything ready that means high resolution images and your logo, all of the content that you want added to your new website and correct address and contact details.

#2 Choose A Design And Resist The Desire To Make Changes

Just like building a house, an architect will always tell you its cheaper to make changes on paper than during construction, and the same holds true for website development. The developers will have wire-framed and decided the process, if you ask for changes after this has been started you could be looking at a big bill in terms of costs. Make design changes before the work actually starts on your new website, because changes later could add up fast.

#3 Use a CMS or Template Framework.

Some folks want a unique website with all kinds of bells and whistles. Now this is fine when doing a personal website but a business or professional website is different and you are focusing on a different visitor. So make your website professional in appearance, easy to navigate and find stuff fast. Dont forget make it easy for people to get in contact with you. Having said that the easiest and fastest way to get a website online is to use a content management system (CMS) we use WordPress and so should you.

#4 Think Scaleable Build For Today

It’s nice to have all the extras but we recommend that you create a plan of what you need from a website and build from there. You should live with your new website for a few weeks and then slowly add on to it and improve your site.

#5 Listen To The Web Developer or Designer

This is where experience and knowledge is crucial for building a new website or redesigning an old one.  Any good website developer will guide you into making sound decision in how the website should be laid out and configured. There are reasons designers do things like put the phone number in the top right of the page, and the home button on the left of the navigation… it’s because that is where website visitors expect things to be.