Being a small business owner, you have a lot on your mind, why do you need to worry about your website seo. Let your website’s seo and digital marketing to the seo experts at {ego} SEO Services Miami. In the years gone by seo for small businesses was a simple and easy task, but now it’s much more than adding a few links to your website. SEO for small businesses requires an advanced degree. Whether you’re a local business in Miami Florida or across the country we can help you with SEO for your business.

Today SEO is not just getting thousands of links to your website, it is much more sophisticated. As we move into SEO for 2016 we see a great deal of changes. Many SEO experts will call these changes changes to the search engine algorithms as the “death of seo”. This is where they are so wrong. Search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo) have all refined the way they display results, and as such website owners need to provide high quality websites, engaging content and carry on a social conversation.

Small Business SEO Services

Regardless of the type of small local business you are, you need to have a digital marketing strategy, a seo strategy, a social media plan and reputation management just to stay ahead of the game. As a local business you have several options in how you manage your online presence. Here at {ego} we look at seo for local business as” a set of building blocks” that you can keep adding to.


SEO Tips

Here is a quick synopsis of the basics of seo for local business.

On-Page SEO

The first “building block” that any small business should look at is a tune up with their on-page seo. On-page seo is the first of the “building blocks”that needs to be completed before you move forward with any digital strategy. Without a proper seo foundation you will go nowhere fast. Optimizing a page includes a optimized title, followed with a meta description that tells a story in 156 characters what the page is about using your keywords terms. In addition you will need to format your H1 – H6 tags, optimize the content of the page and att images with alt and title tags.


Local Citations

Having your local business being found on websites such as Yellow Pages, La Cartes and Brown Book that display your business name, address and phone number is called NAP. These type of mentions are important in the “eyes”of the search engines as your local business being an established and trustworthy company. Depending on your type of business there will be different websites that citations can be found on. Currently we have over 400 websites that local business citations can be found on.