Pay Per Click Advertising For Small Businesses by {ego} The Miami PPC Agency

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising campaigns can deliver new customers to your website at the flip of a switch. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising uses the power of search. When a user searches a phrase the search engines display paid ads to the user. Buying ads on the search engines for a grouping of search terms (keyword phrases) can provide your business a constant stream of new customers and users. These “sponsored ads” that you see at the top of the page and down the right side of  Google search results are marked with a yellow icon. These paid ads are a good advertising strategy when used with SEO for a comprehensive marketing campaign.

The cost of PPC ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing have increased dramatically over the past few years. Many small businesses use the fast setup for creating pay per click ads in Google (known as AdWords Express) and on Bing. Although these platforms make it easy and simple to create ads for your business, it is also a fast way to waste a great deal of money on poorly configured and optimized ads. How many times have you heard people talking about how they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising and saw no return, their ROI was less than they expected?

Pay Per Click Miami

Pay Per Click Miami

Here at {ego} our team of Google certified PPC consultants have been creating successful ppc marketing campaigns for local businesses.  With properly optimized, planned and managed PPC ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing you can expect an ROI that makes you smile.  Here at {ego} your pay per click advertising agency we have specific tools that we use to generate the highest return on the money invested in PPC ad campaigns. Our goal is to provide you a low cost per click and high conversion rate.

Are You Making Any Of These PPC Marketing Mistakes

We have found that most small businesses, and even some large corporations make mistakes in setting-up and optimizing their PPC campaigns.

PPC Mistake #1 – Have Paid Ad Being Displayed On Pages Where You Rank #1 Organically

One of the biggest and costly errors anyone can make is allowing your ad to show when you are in page 1 and in the number 1 position for your brands name. When someone searches for your brand and it is in the #1 position with your paid ad just above it where you could be paying a pretty penny or several dollars why would you give the user the opportunity to click on a paid ad instead of your organic listing?

PPC Mistake #2 – Not Using Negative Terms

Another mistake a novice using pay per click ads is to not have a large enough negative search term file, although negative search terms vary from company to company or ad to ad there are some basics you have to include. As an example, lets use the term “red apples” if a user was to search for “free red apples” and you are selling the product, you obviously don’t want your add to appear to a user when they are searching for “free red apples” you want the ppc ad to appear only when searching for “red apples”

PPC Mistake #3 – Not Using Geo Targeting For PPC Ads

If you are selling you products locally say in Miami Florida. As most of our clients are local businesses you only want your pay per click ads to be shown to users in the local area.  Why would you choose to have your PPC ad run around the world? This makes no sense, so limit your ppc ads to your geographic location.


Certified Google PPC Advertising by {ego}

With the large number of pay per click advertising companies in Miami Florida choosing the right one can be more like flipping a coin. Here at {ego} Miami our PPC experts are certified by Google and accredited by Bing. Rest assured that your pay-per-click advertising campaigns are in good hands. Every account is monitored and fine-tuned on a regular basis.  For a free consultation for a digital marketing strategy call {ego} your Pay Per Click Advertising Agency in Miami.