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Here at { ego } we can hand craft a beautiful new website or refresh, rebuild or redesign your current website, and we do it all from our ocean front offices in sunny downtown Miami, Florida.

So What Is Website Design & How Does The Process Work

At {ego} we are more than just an SEO company, we’re a full service digital marketing agency. From our offices here in Miami, Florida our website designers and developers can build you a custom website that helps you generate more sales, increases customer engagement and works for you 24 hours a day telling your story.

Now it does n’t matter if you are in Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Boston or Denver our Miami FL. website design and development services can help your company no matter where you are.

Website Design Responsive Miami

Phase 1: Discovery & Analysis

Our first step in developing your new responsive website is to sit down with you in the office, over a skype call or the old fashioned way on the telephone and have a long chat about what you want from your new website.

Together we determine the purpose of your website, and the business purpose. Sounds simple but in reality this can be a long process as there are so many things we need to look at for your website design.  Are we selling products online, or is the website to educate and collect information, just these two different uses of a website will have two very different web design routes we will take.

We will also talk to you about branding, the audience (age, interests) and look at your goals for the new website.


After we complete this discovery phase we move on to the next phase of website design and development.

Phase 2: Planning

During the Planning Phase we need to look at the various aspects that of a websites development, what works today on a website may not work tomorrow.

Currently the technologies that we are using for website building are php, java script, bootstrap, on a WordPress framework. Yes! WordPress, we have built e-commerce sits that have 10,000 plus products on them and are loading in less than 800ms.  What is 800ms … FAST! In fact the website you are on right now is WordPress based.

Phase 3: Design

Your website design is important to you and your brand. Colors, type style, font size, and images all play a role in the design of your website.

We will analyse your brand, the type of customer, purpose of the website and always come back after a strategy session with ideas to move forward with you on your new website.

Next we focus on wireframe models and the visual style in this stage, but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.

Phase 4: Content Creation

A very important part of the process is choosing the right texts, photos or videos – all optimized not only for your visitors, but also for search engines.

There are certain basics you absolutely must have on your website according to Google Webmaster these guidelines tell you exactly what you need to do to make your web-page and web-site a quality visitor experience.

When thinking about content for you new website, most people think just about blog posts or articles, but there is a host of other content creation paths you can take. Depending on the market and audience think about a e-book, pdf’s, maybe white-papers or case studies all of these make great content for your website.

In addition to the printed word, you can also include videos. Videos are great on a website as you see we do it here on our website. Videos should be of a high quality and educate, entertain or explain your product or service to future clients and customers.

Mobile website design and development Miami FL

Phase 5: Development

Once we have locked down the design, collected all of the photos, graphics, and designs, written the content and have all the details needed we start the build of the website.

Is your new website a cms based website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, or is your new website an e-commerce using an e-commerce back-end. Based on the solution we agree on, this is where it all comes together. Mixing the HTML code with the CSS adding a little Java Script and a dash of flash with a smig of ruby on rails and a touch of agility.  Look if you don’t have a clue what all this means, it really doesn’t matter, because our web developers and designers do.

Rest assured we are using the latest proven techniques and technology to build a quality website that works for you today and lasts for years to come.

Phase 6: Website Testing and Q&A

We test all the of the technical features, review code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers,and test for mobile load times.

In the testing phase we will optimize the website with special caching to make the website load faster and perform under loads.

How Can We Help You With Your Website?

Getting a great looking website is one thing but having a website that converts visitors into buyers is totally different.

Take 30 Seconds and fill in the form and we will help you with your new or redesigned website.